Pigment Overview

We are the leading pigment prepartion producer and have been prominent in Indian markets for over supplying to paints, plastics, inks, cosmetics, textile and other applications.

We are uniquely placed to offer a comprehensive range general purpose grades, high performance grades and effect pigment dispersions. With equivalent or superior quality & consistence to the leading international grades, We provide solution for all differing technical challenges all from just one supplier. With technological expertise & highly value-in-use we offer the advantage of two different worlds-why settle for anything less?

Water-Based Pigment Dispersions

Romina Pigments is a pigment dispersion house that manufactures and supplies water- based organic pigment dispersions with customized compatibility to enhance product performance. Water-based pigment dispersions are used instead of dyes in applications which require opacity, light stability and thermal stability. Pigments are particles and are generally more opaque than dyes, although some of our dispersions can be manufactured to be transparent. Recommended applications for our water-based pigment dispersions include general industrial, latex products, non-woven textiles, architectural coatings, and construction lumber coatings.

Our water-based pigment dispersions are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing the following performance advantages:

  • Customized compatibility for added product performance.
  • Ease of manufacturing with our consistent water-based dispersions.
  • Water-based pigment dispersions are available in both surfactant and acrylic systems.
  • Low VOC and glycol free products are available.

Standard Water-Based Pigment Dispersions

Romina Pigments offers a variety of water-based organic pigment dispersions. Our aqueous pigment dispersions are produced to consistent strength and shade specifications for mass tone and tint. Our standard product line includes acrylic based dispersions and surfactant based dispersions.

Custom Specialty Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

Romina provides custom water-based pigment dispersions which can be optimized to your manufacturing process and product to obtain the best compatibility and value. Our Technical Sales Representatives initiate product development by obtaining information from your technical staff for the desired properties and finished application. Once we gain basic knowledge of your needs, we provide a product to meet your specifications as well as optimize the manufacturing process with our water-based pigment dispersions.

Water-Dispersible Pigments

Romina is now offering a line of pigments that are designed to be easily dispersible in water-based systems. Available in a variety of colors, our pigments have a surface treatment that is compatible in many applications. By using Romina's Water-Dispersible Pigments you will simplify your production process, saving you time and money.

We offer pigments which can be optimized to your manufacturing process to obtain the best compatibility and value. Once we gain a basic knowledge of your application, we can provide the perfect product to meet your needs.